Spotify Box

This is the result of Jordi Parra's degree project, interaction designer currently working at IDEO, one of the most prestigious design consultancies.

'The goal of this Project was to explore a different way to use Spotify at home without a computer. The final concept is a standalone device and different tags that can be linked to albums, playlists, artists…'

This set shows the making off of the product.

Arnaud Mercier — Retrospective 1999 – 2011

Behind this comprehensive archive of impressive work, is one of my most loved and hugely influential interactive designers, Arnaud Mercier. Sadly, he passed away on September 26, 2011 due to a chronic leukemia.

This retrospective developed by his own interactive agency Area 17, offers a glimpse into his exhaustive creative process on disciplines such as branding, graphic design, interface design, and typography.